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H.1. Prologue

H.1.1.Scheduling Procedures

Miller Chapel and Scheide Hall are available for use by groups whose purpose is consistent with the Seminary’s educational mission and ecclesiastical identity. Decisions regarding use of Miller Chapel and Scheide Hall are made by the minister of the chapel and the director of music in consultation with the president of the Seminary. Events sponsored by the institution have priority over those sponsored by outside groups, even though such groups may hold an earlier reservation. The following guidelines are designed to help in planning events and services.

H.1.1.1. Seminary Calendar

The Seminary publishes its academic calendar several years in advance. We encourage Seminary related individuals and groups to consult the Seminary calendar when initiating plans.

H.1.1.2. Regular Events

Certain regular events, such as the daily chapel services and opening convocation, hold a permanent place on the calendar and take priority over other requests.

H.1.1.3. Public Lectures

Public lectures that require the chapel are placed on the calendar as soon as arrangements for them have been made, generally during the preceding year.

H.1.1.4. Other Events

Other events are scheduled on a “space available” basis providing they are consistent with the mission and ecclesiastical identity of the Seminary.

H.1.1.5. Advanced Reservations

In the interest of fairness and flexibility, reservations normally are confirmed only for the current academic year, or late in the spring for the following academic year.

H.1.1.6. Special Cases

Under extraordinary circumstances, special services may take priority over prior reservations. However, every effort will be made to accommodate all requests.

H.1.2. Contact for Reservations

For members of the Seminary community, requests to reserve Miller Chapel and the Gambrell Room of Scheide Hall are made through the Chapel Office. We request that outside groups, contact the chapel office program and publications manager. The director of music will review and approve all requests for musical events. Other requests are reviewed and approved by the minister of the chapel in consultation with the director of music and the president of the Seminary as needed.

H.1.3. If Facility Is Locked

If either Miller Chapel or Scheide Hall is locked upon arrival for a scheduled event, call Campus Security at 609.497.7777.

H.2. Rules of Use

H.2.1. All Users

Certain policies are applicable to all user groups. We are grateful for adherence to our policies regarding the use of Miller Chapel and Scheide Hall.

H.2.1.1. No Food or Beverages

Food and beverages are not permitted inside Miller Chapel.

H.2.1.2. No Moving Furniture

The communion table and chapel furniture/fixtures may not be moved, and decorations may not be added, without prior written permission of the minister of the chapel. The pulpit may not be moved under any circumstances except by authorized Seminary personnel. This is critical to maintain the integrity of the pulpit sound system.

H.2.1.3. Use of Organ and Piano

The director of music must approve the use of the organ and chapel piano.

H.2.1.4. Use of A/V Equipment and/or Outlets

Chapel A/V equipment may not be used or moved, and no equipment may be plugged into chapel A/V outlets, except under the direction of IT/Media Services. Pulpit microphones are permanently installed and are not to be removed. The A/V console in the balcony is for use by authorized Seminary personnel only.

H.2.2. Private Groups

Requests frequently are received from private groups and individuals to use the Miller Chapel and Scheide Hall facilities. Such requests are governed by the following policies:

H.2.2.1. Hold Harmless Agreement/Certificate of Liability

Any private group or individual sponsoring an event in either facility must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement (available in the Chapel Office). If an organization is not specifically invited to campus for the purpose of enhancing the educational or administrative activities of the Seminary, it must provide a Certificate of Insurance Liability. Reservations will not be confirmed until a Certificate is filed with the Chapel Office.

H.2.2.2. No Charge for Admission

Admission charges, ticket sales, and offerings are normally not allowed. Exceptions can only be made with permission of the minister of the chapel and the director of music in consultation with the president of the Seminary.

H.2.2.3. Ushers and Service Bulletins

Under most circumstances, ushers and service bulletins are the responsibility of the group.

H.2.2.4. Celebration of Communion

Celebration of the Lord’s Supper is to be authorized in advance by the minister of the chapel, with the table being open to all baptized Christians. The group is responsible for communion ware and elements. If Communion ware is needed, please place this request with the chapel office program and publications manager.

H.2.2.5. Seminary Sexton

A Seminary sexton will be present for all events that are scheduled in Miller Chapel and the Gambrell Room of Scheide Hall. The sexton will be present for rehearsal, set-up, and breakdown as well as for the event itself. Although the sexton may render incidental assistance in making physical arrangements, the sexton does not provide custodial services. Two Seminary sextons will be present at an event where permission has been given for tickets to be sold or offering taken.

H.2.2.6. Care of the Chapel

At the conclusion of the event, chairs and hymnals should be returned to their original locations, the room tidied, and items brought by the group removed. Custodial services are not usually available between events and scheduled uses.

H.2.2.7. Media Services

IT/Media Services does not typically provide services on evenings or weekends.

H.3. Special Policy for Weddings

As the schedule permits, Miller Chapel is available for weddings when the bride or groom, or a parent of either, is a student, graduate, trustee, or employee of the Seminary.

H.3.1. Reservations

Requests for reservations to use Miller Chapel for a wedding are made through the Chapel Office. Reservations may be sought up to one year in advance. If the requested date falls within the school term, the date may not be confirmed until the Seminary’s calendar is finalized.

H.3.2. Procedure

If permission is granted, a letter will be sent to confirm the date, time, explanation of fees, and the Chapel’s wedding policy. The couple to be wed are required to sign an agreement to comply with the Chapel’s wedding policy. A copy of the wedding policy may be obtained from the Chapel Office.

H.3.3. Forms, Fees, and Confirmation of Date

A date will be confirmed when the completed forms, together with a check or money order for the applicable fees, are received by the Chapel Office.

H.4. Installed Instruments and Music Rooms

H.4.1. Joe R. Engle Pipe Organ

Use of the Joe R. Engle Pipe Organ in Miller Chapel is under the supervision of the director of music or, in their absence, the minister of the chapel. Priority for the use of the organ is as follows:

(1)   Director of music.

(2)   Persons designated as assistant organists for the stated chapel services of the Seminary.

(3)   Regularly enrolled students of the Seminary and their spouses when approved by the director of music.

(4)   Individuals who have been approved by the director of music to play for weddings and other special services.

H.4.2. Steinway Pianos

The Steinway pianos in the chapel and the Gambrell Room of Scheide Hall are available for use by those persons who have been approved by the director of music. They are not provided, however, for regular practice. Persons who wish to practice for a service of worship or recital, or who will be using one of these instruments for an approved event, may obtain a key from the Chapel Office. Keys should be returned the next business day. The pianos are not to be moved from their position in Miller Chapel or Scheide Hall by anyone other than the director of music. Requests to tune or move a piano may be made through the Chapel Office at least two weeks prior to the time this service is desired.

H.4.3. Piano Practice Rooms

Two piano practice rooms in the lower level of Scheide Hall are available for use by students and their spouses. They are available until 11:00 p.m. If Scheide Hall is locked (upon arrival to use one of the practice rooms), please call Seminary Security at 609.497.7777. Security will require a valid Seminary ID to grant access to the building. The use of the practice rooms is supervised by the director of music.

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