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Import things to know:

  • The installation will require you to restart your machine to receive the software.
  • Both the 2010 and 2016 version of Microsoft office will be loaded on your machine.
  • You will need to replace the icon on your dock with the corrected versions.
  • When launching Outlook for the first time, if you have a lot of email it will take some time for the importation process to finish.  Times will vary depending on amount of emails, number of accounts, etc. 
  • The new software will appear in your applications folder as any other application on your computer.


 A Box will appear on the requesting input to advance. – Select the arrow next to the envelope icon

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On the next Screen, press getting started


This import process will take some time to complete.  Depending on the size of your inbox and the number of emails you have, this may take some time.  When this process finishes, please use outlook as you normally would.


Replacing the icons on your Dock

 With the upgrade to Office 2016, the Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac icons need to be removed from your Dock and replaced with the current versions. 


  1. Click and hold down on the icon you wish to remove
  2. While still holding down the click on the icon, move the cursor up above the Dock.
  3. As you move up slowly you’ll see the word, “Remove” come up.
    • Let go of the held click and the icon will have been removed from the Dock. 

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