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Accordance Bible is a program that is provided to all seminary students while attending PTS.  You will be able to access Accordance from both the Mac OS X and Windows Partitions in portion of the computer labs in Stuart, CRW campus, or the Library public machines.  You will need to have a seminary account to access this information.


Accordance will appear within a shared folder in your preferred operating systemdesktop after you sign into the machine.


Keep in mind this application is running off of a server and response may be slow to respond to certain commands.


For more information on Accordance Bilble Software, please visit Accordance’s website at:


For more information regarding the operation of Accordance, please contact:



Opening Accordance in Mac OS X


Once you log in to the Mac OS X partition of the Lab machines, you will find an icon on your desktop labeled, “Mac$”.  This is the shared drive that stores the Accordance application and background support information.


titleConnect to server
**If the shared folder does not show up after log in, you can use the connect to server command ( command + K ) and use the server address of smb://$


Double-Click the application from the folder.




Accordance will prompt you to create a location to save your information to.  Please save it to your H: drive. 


**Important note:  Due to our security and privacy setting for all computers, you will have to repeat this step each time you sign into a computer. 


Here is an image of the recommended location for saving Accordance data to your H: Drive in Mac OS X